• Air Blowers Play the Most Important Role in Biological Sewage Treatment Systems


Air Blowers Play the Most Important Role in Biological Sewage Treatment Systems

Sep 16 2008

Air blowers play the most important role in biological sewage treatment systems. Because of this they must also be the most efficient and
be guaranteed to work.
Consequently, a manufacturer must be chosen carefully; who produces good quality products, has a long experience and knowledge of aeration, and is therefore unbeatable in durability and reliability of it`s
products. Nitto Kohki is such a manufacturer who comes from Japan and is leading the world with his linear-piston-technology.
This technology does not need troublesome diaphragms and allows a very long lifetime, without the risk of the pump breaking down.
Above all lower running costs should be emphasized. Whereas the diaphragm-technology requires a change of parts after only 2 years, linear-piston pumps run for much longer so with much lower service costs. Spare parts can be easily ordered and last for years as many users can confirm.
Another important fact is that these Air blowers are very silent. There is no need of further noise damping.
You can use the Blowers in water levels between 1 & 2,5m and the max air delivery-rate is 7,2 m³/h. If you are still not convinced that this manufacturer has the products or experience in the waste water
application, please note that in addition to the aeration pumps you can also order their liquid pumps specifically designed to inject chemicals into the waste water.


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