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Choosing the right Remediation Solution

Jan 12 2023

Soil and groundwater remediation specialist Geo2 has announced the launch of their Remediation Options Selector, enabling professionals with contamination issues to undertake a quick feasibility review of suitable remedial techniques.

The Selector has been carefully curated to include every mainstream remediation technique, assessing the feasibility of each approach in targeting a full suite of contaminants across a range of environments. It uses a series of dropdown menus, covering typical contamination types, pathways and receptors. 

A shortlist of three methodologies is instantly created for each critical source-pathway-receptor linkage, indicating solutions suitable for remediation of the identified impact, providing an understanding of methods and options. Where more than one significant linkage exists, this assessment can be undertaken multiple times. The Selector provides an instant, feasibility assessment in support of an LCRM compliant options appraisal or decision-making process.

Commenting on the launch, Adam Wilson, Director Geo2 said:
“Our Remediation Options Selector is unique in the sector, providing genuine, unbiased guidance - the result of extensive research, technical input and testing over many months to ensure accurate diagnosis. We are delighted to offer this free service to everyone in the sector who wants to use a quick and easy tool as a starting point for their investigations. The Selector can provide increased confidence in determining the most appropriate technique for an identified contamination impact. It does not address all possible options such as time or costs, so users should contact us for a detailed evaluation to understand next steps.”

Geo2 have created a presentation to demonstrate the use of the Remediation Options Selector, which they are happy to present face to face to consultants, or online as part of their team’s CPD programme.



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