• Diaphragm-Less Air Blowers at IFAT 2012


Diaphragm-Less Air Blowers at IFAT 2012

Mar 28 2012

Do you ever get frustrated that diaphragm’s break and micro-switches switch when they shouldn’t on air blowers used on single house sewage treatment systems?

Air blowers play the most important role on any domestic biological sewage treatment system because they inject the oxygen into the liquid to feed the bacteria.

Because of this they must also be the most trusted of components as failure could see untreated sewage inadvertently entering the water-course.

Consequently, a manufacturer of blower must be chosen carefully; which produces top quality products, has a long experience and knowledge of aeration and sewage treatment and has a product which is unbeatable in both durability and reliability.

Nitto Kohki’s (Germany) MEDO brand, LA series diaphragm-less air blowers will be exhibited at IFAT 2012. These blowers have a unique design that has altogether removed the need for diaphragms; instead adopting a highly engineered and machined “Linear Shuttle” to generate the air-flow resulting in unsurpassable lifetimes and so a lower cost of ownership and whisper-silent running. You can see the details of comparable service kit sales here.

The MEDO pump creates this air-flow by generating an electro-magnetic field from the positive cycle of the AC mains. In turn this field attracts and repels the “linear Shuttle”. With a 50Hz supply the linear shuttle oscillates at 3,000 times per minute offering very smooth and quiet air-flow.

With service kit prices generally being no more expensive than equivalent diaphragm kits, the infrequent and inexpensive servicing demands on the MEDO LA air blower adds to its low cost of ownership.

The Nitto Kohki air blowers range in size from 28l/min to 200l/min with rated pressures up to 200mbar and maximum pressures up to 300mbar.

These blowers can also be used in Biogas, odour reduction and fish farming applications.



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