• Borger pumps continue to shine in sugar refinery
    Borger pumps conveys massecuite (sugar crystals)
  • Borger pumps have become an integral part of a sugar producer's AD plant


Borger pumps continue to shine in sugar refinery

Jun 24 2024

Building on the success of three rotary lobe pumps already in operation at a major sugar refinery, Borger is set to install two additional units at the same plant. Two of the existing pumps handle white mass (sugar syrup with crystals), while the third operates 24/7 (from August to May) with a slightly lower grade of sugar. These pumps manage a highly viscous solution (50-55% solids) during its final processing stage, where the syrup is spun to produce fine white sugar crystals.

The refinery decided to replace three of its pumps due to increasingly prohibitive maintenance costs (over £12,000 per overhaul per pump) and significant downtime. To further enhance efficiency, the new pumps are standardised in size, unlike the previous units, which helps reduce spare parts costs.

Additionally, four Borger pumps have become essential components of the sugar producer’s anaerobic digestion (AD) plant, which uses waste pulp beet as feedstock for generating clean, renewable energy. At this AD plant, which includes three digesters processing around 100,000 tonnes of pressed sugar beet pulp annually, the Borger pumps handle the transfer of digestate.

At a different sugar-beet processing facility, a Borger BLUEline EL 1000 pump was installed to replace a failed rotary piston unit. This pump conveys massecuite (sugar crystals) with flow rates ranging from 60 to 150 GPM at 52 psi.

Rounding out a series of new orders for handling highly viscous and abrasive materials, another Borger BLUEline EL 1000 pump has been deployed to unload molasses (10,000 cP) from rail tankers, further demonstrating Borger’s capability in challenging sugar industry applications.


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