• Quick and Easy Wastewater Analysis Solutions for Industries and Factories


Quick and Easy Wastewater Analysis Solutions for Industries and Factories

Jun 25 2024

Meet regulatory compliance with our high-precision, ready-to-use tests for all critical parameters with our Spectroquant® Prove plus spectrophotometers and test kits.

Wastewater treatment is required in all industries to minimize the environmental impact of pollutants. In many industries, this is particularly critical due to the presence of heavy metals, suspended solids, surfactants, and other contaminants. To ensure safety limits are observed, regulatory agencies (like US EPA, ISO, and EU) have set official methods for wastewater testing.

Spectroquant® test kits for analyzing wastewater are all developed according to these regulatory standards. Designed for use with the Spectroquant® Prove plus spectrophotometers, our ready-to-use tests deliver rapid, reliable results for a broad range of parameters relevant for your industry wastewater analysis needs. A quick, easy and accurate analysis can be done of the following parameters: Calcium, Chloride, COD, Cyanide, Fluoride, Iron, Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Sulfate, Total hardness, and many more.

Our new cutting-edge Spectroquant® Prove plus spectrophotometers revolutionize the analytical work. Packed with user-friendly features, they ensure enhanced accuracy and precision for the analysis you need. Watch the video.

  • Smoother functionality with an instantly responsive display and faster processing
  • Capacity to store more measurement results (up to 7000)
  • Extended warranty period of two years
  • Live ID barcode for automatic recognition of all cell AND reagent tests
  • No adapter needed for the measurement of different cell sizes

All instruments are pre-programmed with more than 300 applications, including over 150 Spectroquant® test kit methods with minimal preparation. Add your sample, insert the cuvette into your Prove plus spectrophotometer and read the results.

Spectroquant® Test Kits and Analytical Quality Assurance (AQA)

The Spectroquant® system offers certified quality and simplicity in analytical testing. With ready-to-use test kits, including all necessary reagents, it eliminates the need for additional chemicals or complex preparations. Just add your sample and use the Prove plus instrument, which reads the Live ID barcode on the test kit and selects the appropriate method automatically. Additionally, the system provides Spectroquant® reference standards for method validation, internal quality control, and accreditation. Comprehensive quality certification and documentation ensure compliance with regulatory institutions, making Spectroquant® an ideal solution for analytical quality assurance. Watch the webinar to learn more on how optimize your wastewaters analysis.

That’s accuracy and precision made simpler. Just prove it!


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