• New Large Air-Blower for Wastewater Treatment Introduced  


New Large Air-Blower for Wastewater Treatment Introduced  

Mar 09 2010

Based on their patented “linear shuttle” technology, Nitto Kohki (Germany) have introduced the larger LAM-200 blower to their market leading range of LA series blowers.
The eagerly anticipated big brother is born!
Air-blowers are commonly used in wastewater treatment systems, aquatic & pond applications as well as sulphur scrubbing on biogas applications.
The “linear shuttle” technology removes the need for troublesome diaphragms and so offers the benefit of much longer lifetimes.
Their existing product range offered air flow of 7,2 m³/h at 180mbar (normally 1.8 meter water depth ), whilst their new big brother gives a superior 12m³/h airflow at 200mbar (normally 2 meters water depth).
Therefore the new LAM-200 can be used in larger plants that historically were unable to take advantage of Nitto Kohki’s superior “linear shuttle” technology.
The LAM is also an interesting alternative to rotary disc and by-pass channel pumps.
With a power consumption of only 220W and whisper-quiet 48dB(A) noise, the new model is an ecological and quiet solution.
Besides their Air blowers, Nitto Kohki offers a wide range of “Linear Shuttle” air-pumps, liquid–pumps and diaphragm-pumps all with AC and DC options. Additionally they manufacture ranges of quick release couplers and Pneumatic Tools.


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