• New Mechanical Bar Screen Enables Efficient Cleaning


New Mechanical Bar Screen Enables Efficient Cleaning

Jan 06 2016

Franklin Miller (USA) has introduced the SCREENMASTER CS mechanical bar screen. This unit provides efficient cleaning of a bar screen rack and removal of solids from channel installations. The unit makes solids removal simple with its highly efficient  operation. It employs a front clean/ front return principle, is easy to install in new or existing channels and at a 75-degree inclination, has a very small footprint.

The design features a simple, continuous rotary motion. As the rake head passes through the bar slots collecting debris, it travels up the unit’s dead plate until it reaches a special scraper supplied with a dash pot for smooth operation. The screenings then drop out of a discharge chute. where they can be processed by a SPIRALIFT SC Screenings conditioner/wash or deposited into a bin or conveyor.

The SCREENMASTER is fully constructed of stainless steel for resistance to corrosion and long life. It is supplied complete with an S320 Program Controller which activates on a timed basis or when a high level is indicated by a supplied level sensor. The unit is driven by a ¾ HP-1HP motor and gear drive and is custom built for channel width and lift height.


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