•  Efficient Shredder with Unique Design

Waste Management

 Efficient Shredder with Unique Design

Aug 05 2014

The TASKMASTER TITAN TM14000, from Franklin Miller (USA), packs the capability of shredders employing twice to three times the power and costing thousands more. This unique, twin- shaft shredder has a patented, counter-rotating  cutter design that features one cutting stack that intermeshes with a second stack having a much larger diameter. The result is a high capacity, shredder with a substantial inlet opening size that does more with less power.

 This unit can reduce such items as packaging, wood, plastics, paper goods, pharmaceuticals, biosolids, bottles and containers, waste materials, electronic components, bulky items, rejects, foodscraps, cardboard boxes, bottles, and more.

The TASKMASTER TITAN features a 5hp motor and gear drive, and cutting chambers ranging from 14" x 16"  (356 MM x406MM) to 14" x 32" (356MMx813MM). TITAN  shredders are constructed of ductile iron, steel and alloy steel and are available with single and dual drives. An S25060 Automatic Jam Sensing Controller is supplied with the units.


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