• Veolia Water Technologies strengthens its digital solutions for water management with Orange Business Services


Veolia Water Technologies strengthens its digital solutions for water management with Orange Business Services

Nov 01 2022

Veolia Water Technologies has signed an agreement with Orange Business Services to support the growth of Hubgrade, its smart digital platform, and develop innovative digital services for its customers worldwide.

Veolia Water Technologies’ Hubgrade digital platform enables its customers to remotely view, anticipate and optimize water treatment plants and equipment. This platform allows municipalities and industries to optimize the performance of their sites while sustainably preserving water resources. 

A wide range of expertise to support Veolia Water Technologies’ business data
With expertise across the entire digital value chain, Orange Business Services supports the project with more than 25 types of expertise around digital, artificial intelligence, IoT, data analytics, and cloud, as well as cybersecurity with Orange Cyberdefense. In addition, Orange has extensive knowledge in business data collection solutions from its experience with the industrial sector.

Co-innovation to accelerate the development of products and services
With the mindset of continuously improving all of its digital services, Veolia Water Technologies turned to Orange Business Services, able to support them at the heart of their business needs, addressing the challenges of modernization and differentiation.

Veolia Water Technologies and Orange Business Services have jointly defined several co-innovation projects around the development of a universal multi-protocol and multi-connectivity IoT gateway, as well as the exploration of services around “Machine Learning at the Edge.”

“This collaboration with Orange Business Services allows us to offer our customers an intuitive and innovative window into their facilities. More importantly, it allows us — thanks to our experts and to specific algorithms — to multiply the monitoring and analysis  features and to optimize the technical, economic and environmental performance of their equipment. Having a partner with recognized multi-service skills and extensive research capabilities means that governance is more agile and responsive. It facilitates the management and implementation of the demanding, innovative and ambitious roadmap that we have set for ourselves in the service of our clients,” said Vincent Caillaud, CEO, Veolia Water Technologies.

“We are delighted to work with an innovative company like Veolia Water Technologies, leveraging digital services to support the environment and create a positive impact. This project is unique in terms of its size and technological complexity, and our teams were able to cover the entire scope from business data collection to digital solutions to support Veolia Water Technologies solve their needs. We are committed to a process of co-innovation and co-construction with Veolia Water Technologies to develop efficient and secure platforms secured by Orange Cyberdefense to support responsible growth,” added Aliette Mousnier-Lompré, CEO, Orange Business Services.


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