• Water treatment and recycling project will save more than one million litres of fresh water a year


Water treatment and recycling project will save more than one million litres of fresh water a year

Jan 02 2023

Perstorp, a sustainable solutions provider, is investing in a project that will enable it to use wastewater from a nearby municipal treatment plant for its production operations at the Stenungsund plant in Sweden. This will save 1.1 million liters of fresh water annually and secure the future water supply for the Stenungsund plant. The project aligns with Perstorp's goal of becoming Finite Material Neutral, a sustainability ambition that involves reducing freshwater consumption and finding new solutions to support society as a whole. All Perstorp production plants use water for various purposes such as chemical reactions, product transportation, heat transfer, and cooling. The Stenungsund project will purify and recycle wastewater for use at the Perstorp Oxo production plant. It will also be used to produce renewable hydrogen via electrolysis for Perstorp's Air project, an initiative to transition the chemical industry towards climate neutrality by producing sustainable methanol using circular production methods. This project will reduce carbon dioxide emissions by approximately 500,000 tons per year, equivalent to the annual emissions of around 340,000 cars running on fossil fuels. The water treatment and recycling project will involve collaboration with several partners in the Stenungsund region and demonstrates how Perstorp uses its technology expertise to turn sustainability visions into concrete investments.


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