• Mobile Water Treatment Systems Provide Emergency Water Supply


Mobile Water Treatment Systems Provide Emergency Water Supply

Sep 24 2010

Pall Corporation (USA) today announced that the Company has been contracted by the city of Calexico, California, to deliver four Pall Aria™ mobile water treatment systems supplying a total of up to four million gallons of potable water per day. The Pall systems were implemented following an earthquake that disrupted the city’s water supply.

“Pall is very pleased to provide the city of Calexico with a solution that helps meet its potable water needs during this unfortunate disaster,” said Jeff Seibert, president, Pall Water Processing. “Pall Aria systems in trailers or containers can be deployed immediately in response to emergencies. In the case of Calexico, we mobilized in less than a day and began producing water within hours after arrival.”

“The Pall systems have helped alleviate a very difficult situation,” said Victor Rodriguez, supervisor of Calexico’s water treatment plant. “Our normal production volume was reduced significantly due to the earthquake, and the systems have helped us meet our critical needs until the existing municipal system can be restored to full operation.”

Pall Aria systems require minimal manpower for operation and maintenance. They significantly reduce the use of consumables, such as cleaning chemicals, scale inhibitors, and cartridge filters. The systems housed in trailers or large containers enable municipalities, troop units and ships at sea to boost water production on a permanent or temporary basis.

In October 2009, two Pall Aria mobile water treatment systems were deployed as part of "Operation Padang Assist," the Australian government’s humanitarian response to earthquakes in Indonesia. Two water sources established by the Australian Department of Defence on the beach of Padang used the Pall systems to convert sea water into potable water for up to 75,000 households.

Pall Aria systems are capable of producing drinking water from almost any raw water source within about an hour. Each system comprises complete, automated and integrated microfiltration systems, and in some cases, reverse osmosis systems as well. Using state-of-the-art hollow fiber membrane technology, the systems transform contaminated water into water that is free from harmful bacteria, cysts, and particles.


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