• Sustainable algae-based phosphorus removal technology for rural plant


Sustainable algae-based phosphorus removal technology for rural plant

Mar 04 2022

The Bio-P removal technology, developed by I-Phyc, harnesses the natural power of algae to remove phosphorus well beyond the limits of two-point chemical dosing and without the side effects, such as Fe discharge and sludge production.  

Critically, unlike chemical dosing, the algae-based method is not dependent on steady flow rates and so can make even more of an impact on P removal at rural plants like the one at Croxton Kerrial, a village of approximately 900 people.  What’s more, it’s significantly more environmentally friendly.   

Peter Vale, head of the carbon and circular economy at Severn Trent, says, “I-Phyc’s proven approach to P removal ticks a lot of boxes for us.  Not only is it more practical in that it doesn’t require steady flow rates, it’s not vulnerable to supply chain disruptions in the same way as Ferric dosing is, and it produces no sludge and therefore reduces costs, it’s also significantly more sustainable. 

“We were fascinated to learn that the algae can reduce P levels to well below the restriction of the current AMP without the cost of high Fe discharge, but it actually does so while locking away carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.  The fact that you can recycle the resultant biomass in all sorts of interesting ways, and that the P removed can be harvested and reused, were also big factors in our decision making.”

Matt Baldry, Director of UK Sales at I-Phyc, says, “We’re pleased to see another rural plant benefit from our technology, which is far superior to any other P-removal option available in terms of its total costs, sustainability, and sheer ability to remove P from wastewater.

“Severn Trent is a forward-looking water company, with a focus on the environment and it’s great to be partnered with them and being able to support them on their journey to achieve their Net Zero goals.”



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