• Bacterial growth system protects treatment plants


Bacterial growth system protects treatment plants

Aug 07 2009

Cleveland Biotech (UK) developed The Baccelerator in conjunction with a leading Water Company almost three years ago – and the product is proving as popular as ever with an upsurge of companies requesting its services.

The mobile bioreactor works with all aerobic STPs and is an inexpensive alternative to building a new effluent treatment plant. It can be used to resolve temporary or persistent discharge consent issues with ammonia, COD or suspended solids.

Cleveland Biotech’s microbiologists work with the plant owners to ensure the correct bacterial mix is dosed for any given situation. Following this the product operates unattended with monthly service and replenishment visits by the biotechnology company’s team of engineers.

The Baccelerator has proven popular since its launch in Spring 2006 due to its adaptability, winning a prestigious industry award. The product can be adapted to break down hydrocarbons in the waste stream, can provide rapid recovery from toxic shock and also rapid start-ups for new or seasonal plants. It will also overcome and prevent the onset of filamentous growths.

The product is available for sale or hire, is easy to transport as it can be trailer mounted and is CE marked.

In one specific case (a municipal STW) the ammonia levels were reduced dramatically (from 60 ppm to < 1 ppm) within 10 days or so) following the installation of the unit. This improvement can be explained as follows. The presence of certain organic impurities in a waste stream can impede the growth of the sensitive organisms responsible for ammonia removal. By boosting the organic degrading bacterial population by use of the Baccelerator, a greater fraction of the organic impurities is removed leading to lower BOD levels, but more importantly this can lead to improved ammonia removal efficiencies since the bacteria responsible for the latter processes proliferate more readily.

Tony Brooke, development director at Cleveland Biotech said: “We wanted to develop a robust, cost-effective alternative to companies having to build new effluent treatment plants. We are pleased to have not only achieved that but also several years down the line the product is recognised as the leader in the industry.   “This product has been hugely successful since its launch and often our customers notice an immediate improvement in the biological performance of the effluent treatment plant. It also contributes to companies remaining ahead of the game in relation to environmental legislation, avoiding fines for breach of effluent discharge consents, as well as helping to make significant financial savings in their capital expenditure.”


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