• Recycled Water for Sporting Complex


Recycled Water for Sporting Complex

Jul 28 2008

Blacktown Workers Sports Club recycles its water to maintain state-of-the-art sporting complex - a first for Sydney The Blacktown Workers Sports Club is located on the Harold Laybutt Sporting Complex, and features the club, two soccer fields, two rugby league fields/cricket ovals, two bowling greens, five all weather tennis courts and a baseball diamond, as well as a 120 room hotel. The sporting complex is host to over 7,000 sports players.
Previously all five playing fields were irrigated using a stormwater dam of 1.4 megalitre capacity. Rainfall is irregular and has been insufficient to maintain the playing fields for several years.Water restrictions prevented regular irrigation. The club decided to construct a wastewater recycling facility on site and utilise recycled water from the club and hotel to meet its deficit in water supply
The club`s wastewater is mined and treated in Clearwater Technology`s Aquacell SC100 aboveground membrane bioreactor system. The Aquacell SC100 model installed at Blacktown Workers` Club has an operating capacity of 100 kilolitres per day. The system includes an aerobic
biological treatment zone and an enclosed, submerged ultrafiltration zone. The recycled water is further disinfected using ultra-violet rays. The storage tanks have a total capacity of 108 kilolitres and
are used to store recycled water prior to irrigation. A recycled water supply pump is used to transfer this water to the irrigation system.



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