• Lakeland Dairies Improve Water Treatment


Lakeland Dairies Improve Water Treatment

Aug 28 2008

Lakeland Dairies Co-operative Society in Kileshandra in Co. Cavan (Ireland) has improved its Wastewater Treatment Plant by installing a Centriquip Centrifuge (UK). The CQ5000 machine has multiplied 3-fold
the amount of solids that can be removed from the plant every day.
Rory Farrell, Environmental Manager for Lakeland Dairies, explained that the company had used a Wastewater Treatment Plant for approximately
30 years. The company had, however, outgrown its old equipment. “The Centriquip machine can put through 45 cubic metres per hour of sludge from the settling tanks,” he said. “That`s three times the capacity of the old system.”
The wastewater generated at Lakeland Dairies is mostly as a result of the CIP (Cleaning in Place) system used to wash processing equipment.
Lakeland uses two settling tanks to settle sludge as part of its wastewater treatment process. The new CQ5000 draws its feed from the bottom of these tanks and from two sludge-thickening tanks. It separates the clean water for return to the water treatment plant
from the solid matter, which is used on land as a fertiliser.



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