• Agriculture tech company hits crowdfund target in hours in quest to further support global farming industry


Agriculture tech company hits crowdfund target in hours in quest to further support global farming industry

Dec 06 2022

ALVÁTECH, a company which provides farmers with advanced, environmentally-friendly and effective water treatment technology, has exceeded its £500K investment target within hours of launching a new crowdfunding round. The company is seeking investment to enable it to scale up globally to further address the climate emergency and its impact on food security.

The London-based company has developed innovative, solar-powered technology which disrupts water molecules in an ecological, chemical-free way, to deliver higher crop yields with significantly less water and fertiliser consumption. The equipment housing this technology runs entirely on solar energy, is highly cost-effective, easy for farmers to install, and it requires no maintenance. ALVÁTECH has also developed a scalable solution that supports irrigation of the largest farms down to smaller, affordable devices that can be used by small holders which are common in Africa and other developing regions. 

This revolutionary technology has been tested and proven in different crop, soil and water types in climate zones across the globe. ALVÁTECH has won a number of international awards, recognised for its impact in helping farmers throughout the planet to save water and reduce fertiliser use.

The company has established close relations with farmers, governments and NGOs and has set up R&D partnerships with major agricultural companies, charities and academic institutions across the world. A series of joint trials and research projects have shown that ALVÁTECH's innovative technology can reduce agricultural water consumption by between 20 and 50 per cent. The company’s most recent trials in Brazil delivered a 32% increase in crop yields for mango farmers and operational savings of around $350 per hectare for grape producers in the South American nation.


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