• Advanced Oxidation Process technology brings improvements in water treatment


Advanced Oxidation Process technology brings improvements in water treatment

Apr 23 2009

An innovative Advanced Oxidation Process (AOP) technology, developed by APT Technology and provided by Air Products (UK), is set to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of water treatment, bringing benefits for utility companies and industry.

The new HiPOxTM (AOP) technology uses a patented plug flow reactor, with multiple ozone and hydrogen peroxide injection points and mixers set at intervals. Alternating the injection points with periods of mixing and reaction helps to optimise the efficiency of the treatment process – maximising the destruction of contaminants and minimising the gas dosages required.     Philip Whittaker, Air Products’ business development lead for water systems, says:   “Using this technology the ozone and hydrogen peroxide act together to produce the hydroxyl radical, which is one of the strongest oxidants in existence.  The HiPOxTM technology increases the speed of production of the radicals and their concentration is much higher than in conventional applications.   “The technology has a wide range of applications including drinking water disinfection, taste and odour control and colour removal; it is also ideal for destruction of micro contaminants in waste water treatment allowing for sustainable water re-use.”   The use of ozone in water treatment is not new but, until now, has been considered a costly alternative to other treatment options. By combining the ozone with hydrogen peroxide, the HiPOx™ technology is capable of maximising the destruction of water-borne contaminants at the same time as minimising the formation of by-products such as bromate.  Ozone consumption and reaction times are also much reduced, leading to lower operating costs.   Philip Whittaker explains:   “The HiPOxTM technology is intended for ozone requirements up to 50mg/l and offers companies an efficient low power disinfection option with ozone dissolution efficiency greater than 95%.”   Part of the Air Products Modular philosophy, the HiPOxTM technology has a compact footprint and skid-mounted design, which means that it can be added to almost any existing process without the need for major disruption.


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