• Revolutionary New Biofilm Management System Launched in Wake Of Recent UK Outbreaks of Water Borne Disease


Revolutionary New Biofilm Management System Launched in Wake Of Recent UK Outbreaks of Water Borne Disease

Aug 01 2014

Accepta (UK) has reinforced its status as global chemical technology specialists with the launch of the innovative new ‘BioSentinel’ Biofilm Management System. In light of recent outbreaks of Legionnaires’ disease and Pseudomonas, the control of bacterial proliferation is more critical than ever. Using world class technology, BioSentinel automatically monitors, predicts and controls the presence of biofilm in water systems to offer complete peace of mind over water safety standards.

With a growing number of water borne health scares in hospitals, hotels and public establishments across the nation, it is essential for operators to take a proactive, preventative approach to biofilm management. BioSentinel’s state-of-the-art early warning system is an intelligent solution to the issue, offering safety managers complete control over biofilm content in water systems. As well as drastically improving safety, the innovative new system helps organisations to maintain compliance, reduce operating costs and improve system risk profile.

Clive Harding, senior business manager at Accepta says “After extensive research, our team has come up with what we believe is a revolutionary new solution to biofilm management. Equipped with the capacity to actively monitor and treat biofilm growth, BioSentinel makes it easier than ever to comply with national safety standards.”

Using advanced modern technology, a highly sensitive biofilm sensor is inserted into an area of the water supply where biofilm is most likely to amass. The BioSentinel controller is used to power the sensor which in turn, nurtures the rapid growth of micro-organisms. This biological activity then creates a potentiometric difference which the controller is able to interpret. Using the results of the analysis, BioSentinel issues an automatic biocide dose to ensure precise control and protection.

Sensor signals are continually monitored and analysed ensuring that any trends are picked up in the earliest of stages. This offers controllers immediate warning when any dangerous biofilm development activity is occurring. The controller is then empowered with the knowledge to take proactive remedial action as required.

There are currently three BioSentinel systems available, each designed to fit the needs of common business models.  As the entry level system, BioSentinel I actively works to monitor, predict and adjust biocide dosing programmes. Clients demanding increased sophistication can upgrade to BioSentinel II and III. Featuring additional benefits such as data logging, SMS text/e-mail alerts, remote access and remote control via GSM/GPRS, the advanced versions offer the ultimate in biofilm management technology.

Thanks to the intelligent design and flexible systems, BioSentinel is ideal for an array of institutional, commercial and industrial facilities. From hospitals, hotels and universities to airports, factories and power stations, the new system offers a perceptive solution to biofilm management.

To find out more about the pioneering new BioSentinel systems and how Accepta continues to stay at the forefront of environmental technology, visit: www.accepta.com.



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