• Publication Explains Wear Protection Solutions for Recycling Industry

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Publication Explains Wear Protection Solutions for Recycling Industry

Jan 29 2013

Wear resistant lining specialist Kingfisher Industrial (UK) has published a brochure specifically for the recycling industry, explaining how to safeguard plant and equipment from wear and damage. By employing the solutions on offer it can lead to improved employee welfare by reducing the maintenance of the equipment used to handle or process the various materials during the recycling process.

This industry-specific publication highlights the benefits of employing wear protection on new materials handling plant and of retrofitting it to existing equipment. It explains that users can expect up-to 10-20 years reliable operations from their installations by specifying the optimum wear protection solution.

The recycling industry brochure is one of a series of focussed publications published by Kingfisher that explain the benefits of wear resistant lining systems across many heavy duty sectors. It is based on Kingfisher’s recognised expertise in protecting plant from a wide range of materials including, glass, wood, metals, aggregates, etc.
The centrepiece of the publication is a clear cutaway graphic of a recycling plant. This is annotated to highlight key equipment and explain how wear protection can extend its operating life.

The accompanying text explains the value adding benefits of coating or lining key plant and equipment, such as, screen decks and underpans, ducting, transfer chutes, silos, de-dust cyclones and how it can quickly show a return on investment, reduce maintenance and increase working life.

With the need for reliable efficient equipment, Kingfisher has pioneered the use of new protection materials, including ceramic, metallic and polymer options to combat the abrasive effects of different materials.

“The recycling industry can achieve substantial benefits with wear protection of plant and equipment,” said Kingfisher MD, John Connolly, “saving literally millions of pounds annually in unnecessary maintenance costs and lost production time.”



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