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Polyethylene Piping has Abrasion Resistant Lining

Dec 07 2012

Kingfisher (UK) has launched K-PIPE WRP, a polymer lined high density polyethylene (PE-HD) abrasion resistant piping system that is ideal for movement of liquids, sludge and slurry containing abrasive media and contaminants.

K-PIPE WRP joins a broad range of ceramic, metallic and polymer wear protection systems already on offer from Kingfisher Industrial. K-PIPE WRP is used within a variety of industrial sectors for the hydraulic and pneumatic conveyance of materials and offers an inner wear resistant polymer within its matrix that enhances the service life of the pipe when exposed to abrasive media.

K-PIPE WRP is manufactured via an automated extrusion process which incorporates a traditional HDPE (high density polyethylene) outer sleeve and fuses an inner wear resistant polymer sleeve utilising a patented technology which eliminates the potential for delimitation in service. This results in a system being less expensive than the traditional range of metallic’s and ceramics used for handling abrasive materials such as ash, coal, minerals and other highly abrasive materials. Typical site uses include ash & dust handling, sewerage processing, tailing pipes, pulp and paper production along with mining and quarrying applications.

John Connolly, Kingfisher MD comments: “This is an ideal addition to our range as it allows us to provide a customised solution to individual applications. The benefits of offering a one piece piping system that offers a degree of wear resistance, being lighter than traditional steel lined pipes, as well as being easier to install is evident and we believe this system will add significant value to a host of applications within utilities, manufacturing and process industries.”

K-PIPE WRP abrasion resistant lining layer is selected for the medium being transported. After an assessment has been made of the composition of the medium and the operating conditions, the most appropriate liner material can be selected from a range of high resistance polymers.

“In offering a turnkey package, we work directly with each user to calculate the pipeline’s design life, which determines the thickness of the abrasion resistant layer,” explains John. “This allows us to reach an optimum solution that combines high resistance towards abrasion and chemicals, with light-weight yet durable pipework that is quick and easy to install.”

The K-PIPE WRP system allows extra thickness of the wear resistant inner polymer to be incorporated which in areas such as bends and branches where the abrasive effects of the media are most significant results in improved service and performance. Another advantage of K-PIPE WRP is that the system can be joined using a specially developed butt-fusion technology and electro fusion couplings which results in welded joints as strong and as smooth as the pipe itself. Alternatively, flanges and mechanical sealing joints can be used in the same fashion as steel pipes. Furthermore, dependant on the inner bore size which ranges from 63mm to 800mm and dependant on the bore size pipes can be supplied in lengths up to 500 metres, which reduces the number of joints and speeds-up installation.

The physical flexibility of the outer HDPE outer surface is an asset in many cases as it is able to absorb stresses caused by soil or ground movement, both the minor movements of settling and more major movements in for example earthquake-prone areas and likewise with it being a plastic, there is no need to paint or coat it to protect it from most corrosive environments.


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