• Eco Expo Asia - China Seeks Waste Management Solutions

Waste Management

Eco Expo Asia - China Seeks Waste Management Solutions

Jun 10 2014

Eco Expo Asia 2014 will this year be looking at the topic of waste management.

Waste management has become one of the most daunting issues facing developing nations. China in particular has become one of the largest producers of waste. Take food as an example, over 30 million tonnes of food waste was produced in the Chinese mainland with an average treatment rate below 10% in 2012. The lack of proper waste treatment facilities and landfill procedures to combat the country’s waste related issues has already led to a series of critical environmental issues, including, water, soil and air pollution problems.

To reduce the environmental impact, the Chinese mainland’s government is actively seeking new solutions and technologies for managing food waste throughout the country. According to the 12th Five Year Plan, the government aims to invest over USD 1.8 billion on waste management solutions and facilities reducing food waste disposal, and is targeting to up the country’s food waste treatment rate to 32.75% by 2015. With China’s ongoing environmental and urbanisation focuses, the demand for domestic and international waste treatment solutions is expected to flourish in the years to come.

Endorsed by the Environmental Bureau of the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, Eco Expo Asia serves as a business and networking platform for government environmental practitioners from across Asia to source for waste treatment solutions worldwide.

Similarly, Hong Kong’s waste disposal issues create abundant business opportunities. Based on the Environmental Bureau’s figures in 2012, Hong Kong generates more than 9,000 tonnes of municipal waste a day. With Hong Kong’s landfills reaching near-full capacity, the Government is determined to reduce the city’s disposal rate to 40% by 2022. This initiative has led government bodies to actively seek firms with ground-breaking technologies and solutions at Eco Expo Asia to reach the environmental goals in the city’s 2014 Policy Address. 


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