• Anguil Environmental Systems, Inc. Announces Multi-Million Dollar Order in Ethelyne Oxide (EtO) Sterilization Industry

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Anguil Environmental Systems, Inc. Announces Multi-Million Dollar Order in Ethelyne Oxide (EtO) Sterilization Industry

Mar 10 2021

Anguil Environmental Systems, a family-owned air and water pollution control equipment supplier, started their sales year strong, announcing a multi-million-dollar order for a Catalytic Oxidizer Model 150 with a Peak Shaver for a new ethylene oxide (EtO) sterilization plant.

EtO, a volatile organic compound (VOC), is a flammable, colorless gas used to sterilize healthcare devices and instruments and has received significant recent attention as a dangerous carcinogen. Sterilization plants are facing increased scrutiny over regulatory compliance and community safety. Adding to the challenges for sterilizers, emissions regulations are tightening in the United States, currently requiring over 99% destruction efficiency of EtO or concentration levels below one part-per-million by volume.

Anguil Environmental is an industry-leading supplier of proven abatement technologies for EtO emissions and other pollutants from pharmaceutical processes. Catalytic Oxidizers are one of the most widely accepted control technologies available to control VOC emissions from the EtO sterilization processes. Combining their flagship catalytic oxidizer with a peak shaver, Anguil’s EtO abatement systems have helped clients achieve greater than 99% destruction efficiency and limited EtO concentrations to under one part-per-million by volume. Anguil systems ensure zero leakage of EtO from the oxidizer and safe operation by integrating the peak shaver. The peak shaver is a packed tower counter-flow water scrubber that absorbs ethylene oxide gas into the water by ensuring a high contact area between the gas and the water. It is designed to even out fluctuations in contaminant levels to a steady state prior to the oxidation stage.  It acts as a chemical capacitor absorbing contaminant during high concentration cycles then discharging through air stripping during low concentration periods. The reduced EtO loading enters the oxidizer gradually by spreading out the emissions over a given period of time, preventing unsafe, high concentration conditions. 

This order is a part of a larger trend at Anguil of strong sales across several applications in the pharmaceutical industry. Anguil’s diversity of experience and wide breadth of technology offerings make them the popular industry choice for the nuanced and varied needs of the pharmaceutical industry where compliance is critical.

Of the company’s increasing penetration in the pharmaceutical industry and EtO applications, President Chris Anguil said, “Anguil has been designing catalytic oxidizers since 1978. With the media attention and increased regulation focused on EtO, sterilizers simply cannot afford to take the risk on an unproven company. We are proud of our reputation in the industry and our solutions that help ensure safer communities and sterilization operations.”

Anguil Environmental is an air pollution control, water treatment and energy recovery system provider to manufacturers for industrial applications. Over the past four decades, Anguil has developed a breadth of abatement technologies that control harmful and regulated Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), Hazardous Air Pollutants (HAPs), process odors, Nitrogen Oxides (NOX) and various water contaminants.

As a custom solution company, Anguil is uniquely capable of supplying and servicing integrated air and water treatment solutions to meet specific site challenges. The company is headquartered in Milwaukee, Wisconsin U.S.A. with offices in Europe and Asia as well as an extensive network of agents located domestically and throughout the world. Anguil’s mission is to provide pollution control solutions today to help its customers remain profitable tomorrow.

For more information, please contact Kevin Summ of Anguil Environmental Systems, Inc. at (414) 365-6400 or email


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