• Phosphates Not Desired


Phosphates Not Desired

Jul 09 2008

A new range of pumps from the world renowned pump manufacturer Nitto Kohki are set to push the standards in pumping technology to a new level.

This bearing in mind their already unique and well respected range of air blowers`These new liquid and gas pumps will achieve this new bench`mark using the `BIMOR` product name Especially when talking about waste water treatment phosphates are detrimental to the end product and must usually be eliminated.
Using the BIMOR pump to introduce the necessary chemical into the process is the simplest solution for phosphate reduction While conventional liquid pumps historically use diaphragms which need complex mechanics to operate the `BIMOR` uses simple Piezoelectric `Bimorph` technology. As a consequence their life time is significantly longer and their power consumption is significantly lower than that of conventional pumps By choosing the correct version from the Bimor range Ferric Sulphate or Aluminium Chloride can be pumped without problems The maximum pressure is 180 mbar and the flow rate for water is 220 ml min The potential application range is extensive and stretches from medical technologies through computer technology to fuel cells.



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