• 90% Reduction of Disposal Costs for Waste Water


90% Reduction of Disposal Costs for Waste Water

Jul 23 2008

With a VACUDEST® evaporator from H2O (Germany) a mid-sized metal
processing company can reduce the amount of waste water as well as the
respective disposal costs by 90%. In the waste water free manufacturing,
which is possible due to distillate recirculation, an extensive amount of fresh water can be saved. The VACUDEST® can, fully automatically, process waste water like coolant lubricants, die casting emulsions and degreasing baths.
Inside the VACUDEST® the waste water evaporates under vacuum. The
occurring steam will be compressed to atmospheric pressure and reheated at the same time by means of a roots pump. Inside the heat exchanger the steam will be condensed and transfers its energy back to the waste water which is heated and evaporated at the same time. Because the evaporation and condensation energies are in balance, the total energy consumption is extremely low, thus high feasibility is achieved.
Waste water volumes starting from 100 m³ per year can be treated in the VACUDEST® units. No chemicals are required; recycling of distillate is possible. With the innovative ClearCat® technology you receive crystal clear, virtually oil free distillate with a hydrocarbon content that is below legal discharge limits. In the meantime the COD will be reduced by 50% compared to distillates produced by conventional evaporation units. The VACUDEST® ClearCat® is available in sizes from 90 to 2 000l/h. VACUDEST® evaporators have been produced in Steinen, Germany, for more than 20 years.
Due to reduction of energy demand and low operating costs, the investment in the VACUDEST® system is very feasible, offering ROIs of less than 2 years.



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