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VACUDEST Celebrates 25 Years Market Presence

Jul 14 2011

In the last 25 years VACUDEST® vacuum distillation systems from H2O (Germany) have processed more than 10 million cubic meter of highly polluted industrial process waste water. Today about 800 VACUDEST®-systems are used in more than 45 countries world wide. Since 1999 H2O has grown from 8 to 65 employees. At the same time the annual turnover has increased from € 1 million to € 10 million. In the future H2O expects further global growth of the business

Despite the generalaliies, today’s technology does not have much in common with the one used in the eighties. Back then the maximum distillation capacity was 60 l/h. Today systems with a capacity of 3.500 l/h are available. Thanks to many innovations energy consumption has decreased by 70 % to 35 Wh/l nowadays. In terms of distillate quality the new VACUDEST® systems with the patented ClearCat® technology sets a bench mark in the industry as well. This is not the end of the line of the VACUDEST®-technology however, H2O, is working on further improvements to continually improve the VACUDEST®-technology.


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