• Waste Management made easy with New Dual Shaft Shredder

Waste Management

Waste Management made easy with New Dual Shaft Shredder

Jul 15 2012

The new VNZ 80 XL has recently been launched by Vecoplan (USA). The VNZ 80 XL is a dual shaft shredder designed for waste management. It includes two rotors, but unlike conventional "pierce and tear" shredders, this model still delivers the numerous advantages Vecoplan shredders offer. The absence of a feed ram gives the VNZ 80 XL the smallest footprint available on the market at this performance level.

The VNZ 80 XL offers consistent particle size shredding, with an option to control and change the particle sizes with easily changed screens. The two rotors found in the VNZ 80 XL are panted Torsion Point "U" rotors. This means they will rotate at low speeds, high torques with high throughputs and low noise levels. Vecoplan claim these blades are virtually jam free. Another bonus with these rotors in the VNZ 80 XL, is that they are easily accessible and bolt-on, they can quickly and easily be changed and are also relatively inexpensive to change when needed. This provides the user with quick, simple and economical waste management.

Other features shared by Vecoplan single shaft shredders and the VNZ 80 XL dual shaft shredder, is the ability to shred a wide range of materials and true dump & run operation. Fed from the top via a hopper, entire containers of almost any type of waste can be dumped into the hopper and processed with no further operation necessary.



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