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Water Jetting Group Fights the Fat

Mar 19 2012

A major sewer cleaning project around a busy Peterborough City road complex has just been completed by Industrial Water Jetting Systems (UK) on behalf of Anglian Water.

The A15, a major through road, was shut from Saturday evening (28th Jan 2012) to early Monday morning (30th Jan 2012) to allow the IWJS team to clear the city sewer of fat, rags and silt.
The cleaning operation was hazardous due to the sewer layout and its location under the busy A15. The scheduling of the works over a weekend was designed to minimise traffic disruption.

One Flexline combination unit, two recyclers, two CCTV surveying vans and one bobcat unit were used over the 36hr period. The experienced IWJS crews worked in shifts around the clock.

The work was part of a 12 week long programme to clear the sewer system under Lincoln Road from the city centre up as afar as Mountsteven Avenue. Over 250 tonnes of fat, rag and silt have been removed.

Anglian Water operates a ‘Keep it clear’ scheme to inform businesses and homeowners about the consequences of putting fat and other wrong items down drains and toilets.
In Peterborough city centre blockages have fallen by 2/3rds since the scheme was introduced there, but there are still parts of the underground system badly clogged, and that’s were IWJS steps in to return the sewers to prime working condition.



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