• New technology to fight second wave of swine flu

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New technology to fight second wave of swine flu

Dec 23 2009

INOV8 Science has developed an innovative technology which is able to reduce the spread of airborne infections ranging from MRSA and C.Difficile to the H1N1 virus that causes Swine Flu.

Based on a concept that was originally developed at Porton Down (UK Government Research Facility), and termed the Open Air Factor, the INOV8 AD (Air Disinfection) units are able to treat indoor air spaces in offices, factories, surgeries, hospitals, hotels, shopping centres and indeed any space in which people meet (and exchange germs).

The company’s Chief Technology Officer, Dr Ian Widger says, "Employers are bracing themselves for a second wave of Swine Flu. The Cabinet Office has indicated that up to 50% of the workforce may require time off at some stage over the entire period of the pandemic… If businesses experience this level of disruption, the financial implications would be extremely serious."

According to the NHS Swine Flu Q&A web site: ’The history of previous flu pandemics suggests that the current viral strain will spread more widely in the autumn or winter, causing more illness and death. It is also possible that the virus will mutate into a stronger strain.’ However Dr Widger says, “The AD units will provide significant protection against almost all known strains.”

Commenting on the timeliness of INOV8 Science’s technology, Dr Widger says, "We have recently completed both laboratory and field trials that have demonstrated incredibly high levels of airborne pathogen kill, so it is very encouraging that the effectiveness of the AD system has been proven in time to give people confidence in the technology. As a result, they will be able to protect themselves, staff, visitors, patients and customers from airborne infections."


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