• Environmental Protection with Multilayer Safety Diaphragm


Environmental Protection with Multilayer Safety Diaphragm

Aug 17 2009

In the chemical industry, caustic or aggressive substances can be released to the environment despite exacting safety requirements. For one, this is due to the fact that systems, which offer additional protection in case of failure, are typically only offered for an extra charge. ProMinent (Germany) closes this safety gap with its motor metering pumps of the Sigma series. Already with the standard version,customers receive a pump with multilayer safety diaphragm and integrated diaphragm fracture guard without any surcharge. Even in case of diaphragm rupture, no chemicals hazardous to the environment can escape at no point.

The design of the new multilayer safety diaphragm ensures absolutely that even given a diaphragm rupture the metering medium still remains in the liquid end and cannot leak to the outside into the environment at no point. A visual indicator or error message allows the user to timely respond to any damage. Ongoing processes must not be immediately interrupted to replace the diaphragm because the safety layer of the diaphragm ensures that no metering medium leaks to the outside. 

In the Sigma motor pump series as control version, a diaphragm rupture is signalled by an illuminated red LED as well as an error message on the LCD display. Depending on the setting, the pump either stops or continues to meter while signalling an alarm. The diaphragm rupture sensor ensures reliable metering - even under critical operating conditions. A timely response to any damage is possible and metering can be continued up to an appropriate time without interrupting the process.

With their multilayer safety diaphragm with integrated diaphragm rupture signalling, the motor metering pumps of the Sigma series increase the safety and at the same time protect the environment.

Safety and environmental protection is not only an option for the customer but is a feature of the standard equipment.


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