• Clean water for rearing healthy fish


Clean water for rearing healthy fish

Jun 19 2024

By 2030, the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations (FAO) predicts that 62 percent of fish and seafood intended for global consumption will come from farms. Consequently, the use of recirculating aquaculture systems (RAS) is becoming increasingly important due to their efficient use of water and land, greater biosecurity and productivity, lower wastewater volumes, and independence from weather and environmental influences. However, maintaining consistently safe and high-quality water in RAS is a growing challenge.

Proven systems like the DULCODES UV and DULCOZON OZLa ozone system offer effective solutions for water disinfection in RAS. The DULCODES UV LP-PE system, made from high-density plastic, is corrosion-free and resistant to saltwater. It combines electronic ballast technology with patented VARIO-Flux lamps to achieve high UVC efficiency. The DULCOZON OZLa ozone system boasts minimal energy consumption and space requirements, with redundant modules for high operational reliability and a large, coloured 10-inch touch screen for easy operation and clear process visualisation.

Flocculant metering and pH adjustment are crucial in RAS. The PolyRex metering system aids in sludge thickening by using a vacuum conveyor to fill the powder storage tank dust-free. Its double screw metering unit with counter-rotating screws allows for low-pulsation and precise metering, minimising chemical consumption. Controllers, pH sensors, metering stations, and solenoid diaphragm metering pumps are used to maintain a constant pH, essential for healthy fish growth. Calcium hydroxide is metered with a PolyRex system to achieve this stability.

For sludge dewatering, the SPECTRA eccentric screw pump is employed for both mechanical and biological water purification, enabling low pulsation sludge pumping.

High-quality water treatment in RAS is achievable through high-performance products from ProMinent, ensuring operational reliability in systems of all sizes. Consistently good water quality promotes the smooth rearing of healthy fish and seafood. Efficient disinfection is achieved through UV and ozone systems, minimising germ contamination. Precise metering systems reduce the need for flocculants and other chemicals, thereby lowering operating costs. Robust pumps ensure reliable sludge dewatering, while precise sensors and versatile measuring devices allow seamless monitoring of water parameters and pH adjustment. The DULCONNEX digital network facilitates real-time, location-independent system monitoring, enhancing process control and efficiency.


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