• Waste and Water Treatment with Finesse


Waste and Water Treatment with Finesse

Sep 04 2008

Modern design is a key word in the newest generation of biowaste
management, water purification and biofuel plants. For example, Preseco
Oy (Finland) has engaged an industrial design company to develop a new, sleek product line that also is more efficient and environmentally friendly than conventional facilities.
The facility`s exterior can be of great importance, especially if the
plant is placed close to a residential area.
“To my knowledge, we are the first company in the industry to actually design our products so they are not only nice to look at but also easier to manufacture and service”, says Mikko Kantero, managing director of Preseco.
As a result of this new thinking, the company has partly switched over to using flexible polythene as a raw material instead of traditional
stainless steel. “This means that the production itself is also more environmentally sound because it uses much less energy than before. In addition, products made of polythene are easier to recycle.”
Turnkey projects Preseco has experience from hundreds of water purification plants and a growing number of waste treatment plants using the company`s accelerated drum composting (ACU) technology and anaerobic digestion accelerator (ADA) biogas technology.
“Our products fulfil all new requirements for safety and the environment, and thus no further treatment is required. I would also like to emphasize the importance of our modern design, since it`s likely that facilities will be located in visible places close to residential areas”, says Kantero.
Due to Preseco`s wide array of products, the company is able to offer complete solutions combining biowaste management, water treatment and biofuel production.
“We are one of very few in the industry that can combine all these competences into one solution. Thanks to our technologies, the plants can be built and run in a cost efficient manner. This is important, as increasingly stringent environmental legislation makes traditional waste handling methods increasingly expensive”.



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