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Sep 23 2008

During autumn 2009 almost all waste and wastewater from the biggest private slaughterhouse in Norway will be treated in an integrated waste solution of a new kind that integrates biogas, composting and wastewater treatment plants. Only a small amount of risk class 1 and 2 waste must be treated elsewhere.
The turn-key solution, consisting of not just the environmental technology, but also the design and the actual building of the treatment works, will be provided by the environmental technology company Preseco (Finland).
The facility will be delivered to Malvik Biogas AS, owned by the municipality of Malvik and the food company Spis Grilstad AS. It has capacity to process 20,000 tons of slaughter waste, 10,000 tons of food waste and 115,000 m3 of wastewater per year. The end products are compost, biogas and clean water, leaving nothing to be transported or purified elsewhere, except for the small amounts of risk waste.
The new plant makes it possible to treat bio waste also from the community without unnecessary transportation. Furthermore, the biogas produced will be used as heat energy for both the slaughterhouse and a new urban area that will be built near the plant. The €20 million investment will be started up gradually before the end of 2008.
“This is the start of a new generation of local, integrated waste treatment solutions for the food industry” summarises Mikko Kantero, managing director of Preseco. “The project is the first of its kind as far as we know.”



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