• New Cloud-based process management software


New Cloud-based process management software

Apr 29 2020

Walchem Fluent is a new cloud-based, process management software tool that amplifies the value of Walchem controllers. Simple to set-up and use, Walchem Fluent™ incorporates IoT, process automation, remote monitoring and control, and data visualization to elevate a user’s ability to perform their job efficiently, effectively, and exceptionally.

Walchem Fluent from Iwaki America, gives you access to our controllers remotely via any computer or smart device.  Logging into the free software tool gives you a real time view of your process and the ability to change process parameters remotely.  The need to be near the process to monitor conditions is not needed. 

Walchem Fluent gives you full management of your facilities to access the information you need as quickly as possible and lets you flag priority processes for quick access to critical data.  Access information and control your process from your mobile device from anywhere in the world. 

Walchem controllers can allow up to 24 sensor/device inputs and control up to 8 outputs.  At the fraction of the cost of a PLC and no programming knowledge needed the family of Walchem controllers are an economical alternative to programable logic controllers with a fraction of the setup time. 

Walchem Fluent allow you to visualize recent and historical controller data trends on easy-to-read, interactive graphs.  You can compare graphs across multiple controller channels and access historic data to be exported to PDF and CSV for your reporting needs.

This management tool allows you to manage work­flow by notifying workers of triggered process alarms, escalate those alarms and notify two unique groups of users.  Alarm levels can be set to quickly identify the most critical issues and alarm summaries can be e-mailed easily.

Walchem Fluent is a leap forward in ease of customer setup, customer management and process control.  It can easily become one of the most valuable resources for managing your critical plant processes.


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