• Bio-remediation System Now Standard Fog Treatment for Anglian Water


Bio-remediation System Now Standard Fog Treatment for Anglian Water

Oct 16 2008

Anglian Water now uses the Environmental Biotech (UK) bacterial bio-remediation system to relieve drainage problems caused by fats, oils
and grease (FOG) dumped into the sewer network. Anglian’s process manual now includes as standard the Environmental Biotech system
where FOG relief is required.
Anglian has adopted the Environmental Biotech process right across their extensive region following the successful trial supervised by the
Water Research Centre (WRC) in the restaurant district of Chelmsford where traditional FOG blockages have been eliminated by improved
kitchen practices and the Environmental Biotech bacterial dosage.
FOG sluiced down waste pipes at restaurants and fast food outlets combines to form solids that block pipe-work and clog up pumping
stations. The Environmental Biotech system introduces live bacteria into the drainage network that eats the FOG and are then carried away
as the water flows through the system. Eventually the micro-organisms die and are dissolved, eliminating the fat from the system.
The Anglian Water trial, supervised by the WRC, monitored the performance of the Environmental Biotech process an Anglian Water sewer
serving the busy restaurant area of Baddow Road, Chelmsford in Essex. Chelmsford Borough Council’s Environmental Health Officers were
additional partners in this education and remedial campaign. Since the trial began, no instances of blocked pipe-work have been recorded.
Reporting the results of the trial, Gary Collins of Anglian Water said of the Environmental Biotech solution: “This was the best and most
comprehensive process. Not only did the system deal with site specific issues, but it also dealt with fugitive FOG discharge in the sewer
from other food outlets.”
Aziz Tejpar, managing director of Environmental Biotech is proud of the results of the Anglian Water trial and is accelerating dialogue with
other regional waste water utilities. “We stress that our bio-remedial solution is used in conjunction with improved practices in the workplace; kitchen staff and management need to pay more attention and care to the removal of the kitchen waste. The Environmental Biotech
bacterium completes the clearing and protection process.”



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