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Jul 20 2009

Environmental Biotech International and the BE Swisher Hygiene network offer a significant weapon in the battle against H1N1 A Influenza (Swine Flu). The product, B-Sanitized, is a total release, disinfectant fogger that eradicates bacteria on all surfaces in a room within minutes through the release of a fine disinfectant mist.

“Offices, hotels, schools, day centres, clinics, hospitals and practically every enclosed work place are a hub for the transmission of germs and infection, often by people who do not even know they are sick yet,” says Environmental Biotech CEO, Aziz Tejpar. “Cleaning surfaces and washing hands often are very important measures to prevent cross contamination. Employers have a responsibility and vested interest to protect their people, and while education and awareness are a step in the right direction, actions speak louder than words.”   Cleaning every surface in a room conventionally is difficult and time consuming. B Sanitized is an EPA registered solution that can disinfect an entire room in minutes. Simply pop the cap at the end of the day and place the pressurized canister in the middle of the room to be disinfected. The total release fogger distributes the environmentally responsible disinfectant throughout the room, effectively sanitizing all exposed surfaces including the walls, desks, ceiling, switches, head boards, even the air, within 15 minutes.   B-Sanitized is EPA certified effective against Influenza A viruses including H1N1 A Influenza (Swine Flu). B-Sanitized is also effective against HIV, herpes, tuberculosis, bird flu, mould, mildew, athlete’s foot and even the superbug MRSA.


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