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Complete Tyre Recycling Solutions

Jul 03 2011

Tyre recycling plants from Eldan Recycling A/S (Denmark) are all of modular design. The tyre plants are “Multi-Size” giving the customer total control of the production of a wide range of output sizes. This is achieved by the simple and quick changing of the screen combination in the machines when a different range of output sizes is required (production of shreds, chips, granulate and powder).

Eldan Recycling delivered and installed its first complete tyre recycling plant back in 1991 and has since then developed and optimised the process to obtain the best possible purity of the rubber granulate. This purity is today very high – up to 99,9% free of liberated steel and textile in the standard plant. This excellent purity is obtained through specially built equipment such as classifiers and aspirators which operate by means of the “air flow” principle.

Over the years the demand from tyre processors and steelworks to improve the purity of the steel fraction generated in the recycling of tyres has increased. This involves the reduction of the rubber and textile contamination in the steel fraction which would improve the sales possibilities and at the same time increase the value of the steel fraction.

For this purpose Eldan Recycling has developed three different systems enabling purities of respectively 95-97%, 97-98% and 98-99% pure steel. Since these systems are also of modular design they can be either installed in-line with an existing plant or as a stand-alone system (independent of manufacturer).

The first solution is a very “low-energy” solution, in which the steel fraction passes through a screening system. The oscillating screening system produces a cleaner steel fraction, which is then passed over a magnet system further increasing the purity of the steel.

The second solution has the advantage that it can be installed as a stand-alone unit enabling cleaning of the contaminated steel from a stockpile. The first stage is a Multi Purpose Rasper which size reduces the steel further and at the same time liberating more of the rubber content. The Multi Purpose Rasper is fed by a Tumble Back Feeder which ensures optimum feeding of the Rasper. After this initial process the steel is transported to a specially designed magnet system, which “flings” the steel and liberates the impurities during the process. In the final step the steel passes over a Zig-Zag Separator where the air flow removes the light textile impurities.

The third solution is the ”Deluxe version” offering optimum cleaning of the steel fraction. This system also includes the Multi Purpose Rasper for size reduction of the steel as the first stage. After this the steel passes over the screening system which was also mentioned in the first solution. By combining elements from the two first solutions it is possible to obtain the excellent purity of 98-99% pure steel again providing customers and users with improved and numerous possibilities.


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