• Shareholder of Biogas Plant Manufacturer Steps Down

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Shareholder of Biogas Plant Manufacturer Steps Down

Feb 07 2014

With effect of January, 20th 2014 Erich Stallkamp sold his stake in WELTEC, a manufacturer and operator of
biogas plants based in Vechta, Germany.

WEDA from Lutten, Germany, the other co-partner of WELTEC took over these company shares and now
holds a total of 100 percent stake of the group.

Erich Stallkamp ESTA GmbH from Dinklage, Germany, will continue as a full component supplier also to
WELTEC – supplying the components of stainless steel digesters, stainless steel storage tanks, pumping,
stirring and separation technologies.

The global biogas market is growing, and WELTEC will continue with the construction and operation of
biogas plants as well as the supply of plant components.


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