• Neste Expands Sustainable Aviation Fuel Supply Capabilities in Europe with VTTI Partnership

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Neste Expands Sustainable Aviation Fuel Supply Capabilities in Europe with VTTI Partnership

May 28 2024

Neste has significantly bolstered its capacity to supply sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) across Europe through a strategic partnership with VTTI, a global leader in energy storage and infrastructure development. Neste has commissioned terminal capacity at VTTI’s ETT terminal in Rotterdam, Netherlands, dedicated to the storage and blending of Neste MY Sustainable Aviation Fuel™.

This collaboration marks a crucial advancement in increasing the availability of Neste's SAF to European customers. It aligns with Neste’s broader strategy of expanding its global SAF production and supply network. Recent developments include the ramp-up of SAF production at Neste’s renewables refinery in Singapore and the nearing completion of modifications at its Rotterdam renewables refinery to enable SAF production.

Strategically located in one of Europe's largest fuel logistics hubs, the ETT terminal in Rotterdam offers seamless access to extensive European fuel infrastructure, including the Central European Pipeline System (CEPS). This integration ensures a more sustainable and efficient fuel supply to customers and airports across the continent.

Alexander Kueper, Vice President of Renewable Aviation Business at Neste, emphasizes the company's commitment to aiding the aviation industry in reducing greenhouse gas emissions. “Sustainable aviation fuel is a pivotal element in achieving this goal. Expanding our supply capabilities allows our customers to increase SAF usage at European airports, laying a strong foundation for meeting the ReFuelEU Aviation Regulation, which mandates a minimum share of SAF at European airports from 2025 onwards. This partnership with VTTI exemplifies how we are repurposing existing fuel distribution infrastructure for more sustainable alternatives like SAF.”

Jaap Koomen, Senior Vice President of VTTI Netherlands Terminals, highlights the growing demand for sustainable fuels and the role of partnerships in the energy transition. “We are delighted to support Neste in reaching more customers across Europe. Our aim is to have half of our business in transitional and sustainable energies by 2028. Collaborating with committed partners like Neste brings us closer to a more sustainable future.”

This partnership not only strengthens Neste’s supply chain but also underscores the critical role of collaborative efforts in advancing the energy transition. By leveraging existing infrastructure and fostering strategic partnerships, Neste and VTTI are paving the way for a more sustainable aviation industry in Europe.



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