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Green hydrogen production

May 10 2024

Nexergy Holdings renowned for its commitment to advancing sustainable energy solutions, is excited to announce its strategic partnership with Lorentz, a trailblazing company leading the charge in green hydrogen production. This collaboration signals a significant milestone in propelling the sustainable energy sector forward and meeting the growing demand for eco-friendly fuel alternatives.

The production of green hydrogen is slated to kick off in 2024, promising to reshape the future of energy and transportation.

Jason Turner, Managing Director of Nexergy, emphasised the potential of green hydrogen as an efficient and environmentally friendly fuel source, powered by water and solar energy. He expressed optimism about leveraging Lorentz's innovative technology to commercialise green hydrogen, positioning it as a viable substitute for conventional fuel sources. Moreover, this partnership aims to seamlessly integrate green hydrogen into existing infrastructure, ensuring widespread accessibility to this groundbreaking energy solution.

The versatility of green hydrogen finds favour across various industries, garnering support from major players like Airbus, BMW, and JCB. Airbus sees hydrogen as pivotal for achieving low-carbon commercial aviation by 2035, underscoring its importance in the aerospace industry. BMW's Chairman of the Board of Management, Oliver Zipse, echoes this sentiment, highlighting hydrogen's role in enabling emission-free mobility globally.

Lorentz's patented technology, with an initial project site slated for Spain, promises to revolutionise sustainable hydrogen production, leading the charge in decarbonising the energy sector and beyond. By harnessing renewable sources like wind and solar, Lorentz's process significantly reduces carbon emissions, offering a compelling solution for a greener energy transition.

Demonstrating the substantial cost savings and environmental benefits, Lorentz's technology showcases a compelling case for sustainable transportation. For instance, a 1,100-mile journey from Rome to London would incur minimal costs and emissions, with just 157 kg of pure water produced, highlighting the transformative potential of green hydrogen in transportation.


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