• Three new Biogas plants for Greek agricultural sector

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Three new Biogas plants for Greek agricultural sector

Sep 14 2023

WELTEC BIOPOWER is making notable strides in sustainable energy by constructing three state-of-the-art biogas facilities across Greece. The German manufacturer's alliance with Greek partner Tetoros Machinery has borne fruit once again, reinforcing a collaboration that has garnered trust within the Greek agricultural sector since 2007.

This recent development includes the creation of three distinct biogas plants, conceived in tandem with Tetoros Machinery. Of these, two are strategically situated within the Epirus region in northwestern Greece: a substantial 1-megawatt installation in Arta, and a slightly smaller 500-kilowatt plant in Ioannina. The third plant, a 250-kilowatt venture, has been successfully established in Serres, centrally positioned within Macedonia. A concurrent enhancement project is underway to boost the CHP (Combined Heat and Power) capacity of this facility to 750 kilowatts. The Ioannina plant is projected to commence operation in the upcoming fall of 2023.

Epirus stands as a predominantly rural domain, characterised by thriving poultry and cattle farming. However, akin to other intensive agricultural zones, the volume of biomass generated exceeds the processing capabilities of existing infrastructures. This conspicuous gap underscores the profitability of initiating new biogas facilities and revamping existing ones – a proposition further catalysed by available subsidies. It is worth noting that the copious availability of substrates at the three chosen plant sites played a pivotal role in driving these investment decisions.

In the town of Arta, the 1-megawatt facility is adeptly handling 150 tons of cattle slurry and 50 tons of dry chicken manure daily. Meanwhile, the Ioannina site processes a daily input of 100 tons of cattle slurry and 30 tons of dry chicken manure. In Serres, a daily blend of 40 tons of cattle manure and 10 tons of energy crops enters the stainless-steel digester. Remarkably, the operator in Serres not only manages cattle farming but also cultivates corn on owned land.

Operational protocol across all three locations begins with sending materials to a pre-storage tank, wherein specialised agitators and pump technology facilitate initial treatment. The well-proven agitators within the digesters then seamlessly blend the substrates, optimising the process for efficient biogas production. The tanks housing these processes are meticulously fashioned from high-grade stainless steel, as emphasised by Tobias Peuker, the responsible process engineer at WELTEC BIOPOWER. Notably, the nutrient-rich fermentation residue from the digester can also be repurposed as fertiliser.

The triumvirate of biogas initiatives is deeply intertwined with Greece's energy transition narrative. Reports from DAPEEP S.A., the Greek authority overseeing renewable energy sources, indicate that the first half of 2022 saw the commissioning of new biomass and biogas installations collectively contributing 7 megawatts of capacity. In line with Greece's Energy and Climate Plan, a remarkable goal of elevating the renewable energy share in electricity generation from 30% in 2021 to 60% by 2030 has been set. WELTEC BIOPOWER, with its history of implementing approximately 36 biogas projects in Greece since 2007, remains a steadfast contributor to this endeavour. The momentum toward decarbonisation remains palpable, with Greece achieving the noteworthy milestone of meeting its entire one-day energy demand from renewable sources during the summer of 2023. In light of this, John Tetoros, WELTEC BIOPOWER's Greek sales partner, confidently predicts an enduring commitment to the realisation of this ambitious goal.



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