• Greek Poultry Farmers Invest in Biogas Plants from WELTEC BIOPOWER

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Greek Poultry Farmers Invest in Biogas Plants from WELTEC BIOPOWER

Feb 11 2022

WELTEC BIOPOWER has expanded its Biogas operations  expanding into Greece and increasing the size of three existing plants. This is due to the great potential of organic residues to produce biogas and biomethane, especially in the north of the country, the climate-friendly energy source is playing an increasingly important role in the Greek energy transition.
WELTEC BIOPOWER has so far been involved in 17 of a total of 30 agricultural and waste biogas plants in Greece. One of the AD plants built in Megara in 2015 has been expanded to double its’ output of one megawatt..
The expansion was achieved as the area around Megara is known for keeping chickens and the biogas plant is also on the site of a chicken farm with 20,000 laying hens. Energy was produced for the plant using the chicken droppings ,olive oil pomace, cattle and pig manure. 
These plant projects are examples of circular economy thinking and the consistent use of existing waste. Konstantinos Nikakis, board member of the Greek biogas operator association HABIO, emphasizes the importance of such projects: “Waste-to-energy plants are urgently required in the new energy age in order to minimize harmful carbon emissions and to achieve climate neutrality. In any case, the supply situation with substrates of animal and vegetable origin is very good; the potential in Greece is enormous. In addition, there is also vegetable and other recyclable waste. In view of this amount of raw materials, agriculture has very good prerequisites to make its contribution so that Greece can achieve its climate goals.” It is now up to the individual players to bring Greece into the new energy age.



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