• The Ultimate Clarifier for Industrial & Municipal Applications


The Ultimate Clarifier for Industrial & Municipal Applications

Jul 23 2008

Veolia Water is pleased to announce that its subsidiary, Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies (VWS) has developed the new generation of clarifier for potable and process water. Referred to as the ultimate of all clarifiers, Actiflo® Turbo incorporates the best in water clarification performance and is compact, quick and flexible, making it suitable for the needs of industrial companies in terms of process water, and for municipalities.
Since its introduction by Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies (VWS) in 1989, Actiflo® benefits from constant improvements in order to optimise its performance and applications.
With more than 410 installations in the world, VWS benefits from unequalled experience which has enabled the Company to develop and exclusively patent a new generation: Actiflo® Turbo.
The process covers numerous applications and can be integrated into many treatment chains to produce high quality treated water. It is also an innovative solution for the production and recycling of industrial process water through technological combinations. The system is equipped with a coagulation tank, a flocculation tank which contains a Turbomixâ„¢ to enhance flocculation by installing a draft tube around the mixer impeller. This enables optimisation of agitation and thus the flocculation process. After these two tanks there is a lamellar settling tank with a sludge scraper, lamellas and collection launders. A centrifugal pump draws the sludge and micros and towards a hydrocyclone which separates and recovers the microsand.


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