• Osmosis Membrane Order in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for Yanbu 4 IWP Desalination Project


Osmosis Membrane Order in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for Yanbu 4 IWP Desalination Project

Feb 29 2024

Toray Industries, Inc., headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, has recently secured a significant contract for its reverse osmosis (RO) membranes, marking a milestone in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia's water infrastructure. The contract pertains to the Yanbu 4 IWP desalination project, situated in the Kingdom, which represents the first seawater reverse osmosis desalination plant utilizing clean energy within a public-private partnership framework.

Positioned approximately 140 kilometres west of Madinah province near Ar Rayyis, the Yanbu 4 desalination plant boasts an impressive production capacity of 450,000 cubic meters of potable water per day upon completion. This ample supply is earmarked to address the water needs of the Makkah and Madinah regions.

Toray Membrane Middle East LLC (TMME), headquartered in Dammam, will play a pivotal role in supplying the RO elements and offering essential technical services for the project. Through TMME's involvement, Toray aims not only to mitigate water scarcity in the Makkah and Madinah regions but also to contribute to resolving water challenges across the Middle East and North Africa, thereby fostering global energy stability.

The decision to award Toray this prestigious contract was influenced by its cutting-edge RO membrane technology and its extensive track record in the Middle East, spanning over 15 years. Toray's solutions promise lower capital investments and operating costs compared to conventional methods such as evaporation, aligning with the region's growing emphasis on infrastructure development to accommodate population expansion and increased demand for resources.

Toray's commitment to addressing global water issues extends beyond the Yanbu 4 project. The company has consistently expanded its sales, production, and technical support for RO membranes, catering to diverse applications ranging from desalination to industrial water reuse. With an aggregate water production capacity of 120 million cubic meters per day, Toray's membranes have the potential to serve the needs of 840 million people worldwide.

The pursuit of sustainability lies at the core of Toray's mission, as evidenced by its Sustainability Vision and Toray Vision 2030. By providing advanced membrane technologies and strengthening technical services, Toray aims to play a pivotal role in resolving water challenges not only in the Middle East but also in other regions experiencing industrial and population growth.



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