• Reverse Osmosis Membrane Order for Hong Kong’s Seawater Desalination Plant


Reverse Osmosis Membrane Order for Hong Kong’s Seawater Desalination Plant

Apr 26 2023

Toray Industries, announces that it has secured an order for reverse osmosis (RO) membranes for Hong Kong's Tseung Kwan O Desalination Plant. This order is a testament to the company's success in supplying RO membranes to desalination plants across the world and providing technical support to ensure reliable plant operations over the past two decades. The Tseung Kwan O Desalination Plant is Hong Kong's first large desalination facility using RO membrane and will have a daily freshwater production capacity of 135,000 cubic meters, meeting around 5% of the city's potable water demand. The plant is expected to become operational by the end of 2023, with plans to increase its daily capacity to 270,000 cubic meters in the future.

Hong Kong currently sources 20 to 40% of its water from impounding reservoirs and 60 to 80% from the Dongjiang River in Guangzhou, China. However, rising water demand due to population and economic growth, extreme weather conditions, and severe drought as a result of climate change pose challenges to maintaining a stable water supply. Furthermore, the rapid development of the Pearl River Delta has led to increased water supply stress on the Dongjiang River. In response to these challenges, Hong Kong's Water Supplies Department has implemented stricter water management measures, including diversifying the city's water sources through the establishment of a desalination plant.

By providing products and technical services cultivated through its extensive experience with desalination plants worldwide, Toray will assist in maintaining Hong Kong's infrastructure by supplying the Tseung Kwan O Desalination Plant. The company has expanded its production, sales, and technical support of RO membranes over the years, with applications extending from desalination and wastewater reclamation to industrial usage. The aggregate water production capacity of Toray's RO membranes is approximately 105 million cubic meters per day, enough to meet the water needs of 730 million people. The company's commitment to providing access to clean water is in line with its Sustainability Vision and Toray Vision 2030, which aims to achieve sound, sustainable growth. Moving forward, Toray will continue to provide RO membranes and other advanced membrane technologies and strengthen its technical services to address water issues in Asia and other regions experiencing increased water demand due to industrial and population expansions.


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