• New Generation of Ceramic Membranes


New Generation of Ceramic Membranes

Jul 23 2008

The TAMI group (Germany) is specialised in the development and manufacturing of tubular ceramicmembranes for cross flow micro-, ultra- and nanofiltration of liquids. The membranes are delivered together with stainless steel housings from laboratory scale up to 50m² /module. The design of non circular channels of the membrane tube, the design of the stainless steel housing and the sealing solution for themembranes inside the housings are the innovations of TAMI. The brand name of the TAMI products is “InsideCeRAM”. The main applications of the membranes are filtration and separation processes in food and beverage industry, chemistry, biotechnology, water and waste water treatment. The advantages of ceramic membranes are the chemical, mechanical and thermal resistance, long life time and cleaning possibilities. TAMI sells the products world wide to OEM and end users. TAMI also gives assistance in design the membrane processes for them.



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