• InsideCeRAM - Ceramic Membranes for Industrial Waste Water Treatment


InsideCeRAM - Ceramic Membranes for Industrial Waste Water Treatment

Sep 09 2008

The TAMI group (France) is a worldwide leading manufacturer of ceramic membranes for the crossflow filtration and separation of liquids. Non circular channel design is the development of Tami. So it is possible to achieve a maximum of filtration area per membrane.
These membranes are used also in the treatment of all kinds of industrial waste water like the treatment of degreasing bath, oil water separation, cleaning of cooling emulsions, separation of fluorescence oil etc.
The advantages of the InsideCeRAM membranes are the high chemical, thermal and mechanical resis-tance as well as the long life time. It is possible to work at high operation tempera-tures and to clean the membranes with very strong chemical cleaners.
These mem-branes are used for instance in all car manufacturing companies like BMW, VW, Mercedes Benz, FORD etc. The use of ceramic membranes as part of Membrane Bioreactors (MBR) is another kind of application.
The membrane unit stands outside the biology tank in that case.
That means advantages for maintenance and cleaning the unit and provides high rates of permeat fluxes with very good quality parameters. Tami offers the membranes together with the stainless steel housing in different sizes.
The customer has the choice between housings from 0,2 m² to 50 m² filtration area. Tami gives also assistance in design and calculation of membrane system. Customers can order trials in the Tami laboratories or rent pilot unit from lab scale to industrial size.



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