• Deeside Cereals Resolves Wastewater effluent problem
    Watermark and Landia have worked together to help Deeside Cereals meet very strict compliance levels
  • The Landia AirJet at Deeside Cereals
  • Deeside Cereals’ 60m3 wastewater treatment tank, which benefits from Landia’s AirJet


Deeside Cereals Resolves Wastewater effluent problem

Sep 14 2023

Deeside Cereals a leading cereal and cereal bars manufacturer effectively tackled its wastewater challenges with a sustainable solution to manage its troublesome effluent problem through innovative investment and by partnering with Watermark and Landia.

Deeside Cereals took proactive steps to address the issue by implementing a cutting-edge wastewater treatment setup. By incorporating a state-of-the-art Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) unit from Watermark, the company successfully separated suspended solids and thickened sludge. However, the presence of Fats, Oils, and Greases (FOG) from ingredients like chocolate, rape seed oil, and lecithin posed a significant challenge, causing the Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) to spike to 78,000 at one point.

Meeting Stringent Compliance Standards
Karl Johnson, Deeside Cereals' Manager of Safety, Health, and Environment, remarked, "Watermark's DAF unit significantly reduced COD to 6,000 initially. Yet, due to stringent compliance requirements set by Dŵr Cymru Welsh Water, we aimed for further enhancements in our treatment process." He added, "Collaborating closely with Watermark, we determined that integrating a high-quality aeration system was the ideal solution. Based on Watermark's strong recommendation and Landia's reputation for reliable equipment, we opted to trial the AirJet system in our new 60m3 wastewater treatment tank."

Implementing the Landia AirJet for Effective Results
To effectively manage the solids in Deeside Cereals' effluent, the Landia AirJet system was swiftly put into operation. The AirJet system combines a 5.5kW Chopper Pump and a venturi nozzle, capable of efficient mixing and aeration up to a water depth of approximately 7.5 meters, all without requiring a compressed air supply.

Alistair Fielding from Watermark stated, "The setup is straightforward to install and highly effective. Given our positive prior experience with Landia, we confidently recommended them to Karl. We prioritize equipping our customers with solutions that not only solve the issue but also offer optimal value in terms of overall ownership cost." Watermark and Landia had previously collaborated to introduce an innovative mixing system for wastewater treatment in an organic poultry production facility in South Wales. The AirJet system in that scenario eliminated the need for compressors, bottom-mounted diffusers, and advanced controls.

Overcoming Challenges for Sustainable Compliance
Karl Johnson of Deeside Cereals further shared, "Previously, treating our sugary water was a significant challenge, hampering compliance efforts. It took some adjustments to synchronize the AirJet and DAF operations, particularly in terms of aeration timing for trade effluent. We've also learned that maintaining COD levels is easier by partially filling our tank. We consistently test the effluent before discharge and can extend aeration if necessary to meet compliance. The Landia pump requires only a quick daily visual inspection for oil checks. We're now exploring a service agreement for biannual maintenance checks. The Landia team has been exceptional to work with. The installation was seamless, and the ongoing support has been outstanding. Our investment in the AirJet system has paid off in under 10 months."

In conclusion, Deeside Cereals' collaboration with Watermark and Landia demonstrates how strategic investments in wastewater treatment solutions can lead to enhanced compliance and cost savings. The AirJet system's efficient performance and Landia's reliability have propelled Deeside Cereals towards sustainable success in managing their wastewater challenges."


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