• Topax® DX - the Bus-compatible Controller for Public Swimming Pools


Topax® DX - the Bus-compatible Controller for Public Swimming Pools

Sep 04 2008

Lutz-Jesco controllers have been designed as universal controllers for swimming pool technology and can be used in many different ways. Their main field of application is water treatment in public swimming pools.
Various sensors can be connected directly, enabling the measurement of not only chlorine, pH and redox, but also of the temperature, conductivity and total chlorine. The measurement of the total chlorine and the free chlorine allows the calculation and control of combined chlorine. This measurement and metering data can be displayed on the built-in screen at different zoom levels and can be saved to an integrated multimedia card for later archiving on a PC.
Further advantages are the large color TFT display, which shows all information in plain text – supported by a clearly structured menu, which makes the TOPAX® DX easy to understand and operate. The menu can easily be switched from German to English and vice versa. Other languages can be added at any time. The installed online help is available with a keystroke whenever it is required.
The controller`s log function saves all calibration data and events, such as sensor failures. In such a case, an alarm is triggered via sensor monitoring.
The bus-compatible controller TOPAX® DX can be customized to your applications by means of various functional extensions. It is, for example, possible to drive the coagulant pump or actuate the DIN contact.



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