• Easydes - UV System for Water Disinfection


Easydes - UV System for Water Disinfection

Sep 04 2008

With the help of UV radiation, microorganisms can be biologically deactivated by damaging their genetic material. Physical treatment with highenergy, ultraviolet radiation is, for example, used for disinfection of potable water and pool water, as well as in the food industry.
The EASYDES models developed by Lutz-Jesco feature a practical design for quick installation and easy maintenance. The seven models of the EASYDES series differ in their radiation power as well as in their throughput - from 1000 to 3000 l/h - and can be selected in accordance
with the operator`s requirements. Depending on the model, EASYDES controllers also feature a design in compliance with DVGW guidelines:
UV sensors monitor the quality of the radiators.
They are used in both cold and warm water circulations. A wide range of accessories complete the product programme.


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