• The First DN 1400 Battery Powered Magnetic Flow-meters in the World

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The First DN 1400 Battery Powered Magnetic Flow-meters in the World

Jul 11 2008

Last February in Jendouba, Tunisia, the first (and only ones in the world!) two full bore electromagnetic flow-meters with nominal diameter of 1400 mm and powered by batteries were installed. The success was due to the CRDA (Commissariats Règionaux au Dèveloppement Agricole) of Jendouba, Socoopec, the leading company in Tunisia for the agricultural market and partner of Isoil the Italian firm Isoil. Isoil (Italy) launched FLOWIZ™, the revolutionary battery-powered electromagnetic flow-meter, on the market few years ago. This installation gives positive proof of what has already been said about this instrument and its excellent performance. Uniquely the FLOWIZ™ measures the flow inside large diameters using standard 3.6 V lithium batteries; it uses GPRS protocol and has working installations world-wide. The FLOWIZ™ in this case is being used for irrigation purposes. Where the instrument is installed does not allow power supply form a main line. For this reason, the battery option was considered. In our case, that means a simple pack of six standard lithium batteries, completely contained inside the converter housing.
Another feature which contributed to the choice of the instrument was the possibility of having both kinds of power supply, by battery and also by main line. In case of accidental power loss the batteries, working as a back-up, assure a further guarantee. The double bebefits given by the GSM/GPRS module of having data instantaneously and on request on the cellular phone, or daily as e-mail on the PC, definitely gives freedomto themanagement of all data.With the extremely user
friendly way of programming, the reliability of the sensors, the freedom of electronic parts on board and most importantly the ease of use for the customer being able to always have the field situation under control, thanks to the daily e-mails received directly into the PC of the offices situated several kilometres away from the instruments, were the key winning factors for this project. A full range of sensors from dn 3mm to dn 2000mm; the possibility of coupling the FLOWIZâ„¢ with insertion sensors; IP68 executions and internal data loggers are the features Isoil intends to use keeping promoting his latest jewel: the FLOWIZâ„¢.

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